Divorced and Re-Entering the Dating Game?

You are looking for a Prince ….


And are only finding Frogs.


You’re Really NOT Having Much Fun.



It’s Time to Do Something Different …


Start Dating SMART When Divorced!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re thinking about dating again, however the mere thought of dating is both tantalizing and scary
  • You yearn for unconditional love and companionship, yet a part of you that is screaming Danger – Danger – Danger!
  • You have been out of the dating pool for years and are wondering what the new rules of dating are
  • You may think you’re too old, to find a new love
  • You wonder if you are capable of ever trusting a man again
  • You are terrified that you might wind up with the same man, just a different name and a different face
  • You think it’s useless to date because ALL of the good men are already taken
  • You believe that all men want is one thing – especially the ones you meet online

What If I Told You
That It really is possible to FIND TRUE LOVE

To find a man
that Loves, Respects and Accepts you EXACTLY AS YOU ARE!

YOU CAN experience FUN, HAPPY DATES while avoiding the Losers, Narcissists, and the rest of the Frogs that pretend they are something they are not. – You know those guys that say they are single and are not, the creepy crawlers that give you chills, and those that only care about themselves.

You can take control of your dating life and KNOW exactly what to do when and if you do happen to come across a frog …

Before we go further you need to answer ONE burning question …  Are You Ready to Date?

You Are READY to Date If …

*  You have an inner desire to date
*  You are curious about different men
*  You have grieved the death of your marriage
*  Your divorce is NOT the main topic of conversation
*  You want to add some fun and spice to your life

You Are NOT READY to Date If …

*  You belive you need a man in your life to be happy
*  You are constantly crying about the breakup
*  You think of your ex once an hour or more
*  You spend time plotting revenge on your ex
*  You feel pressured to date by family and friends

The next question to answer is …

Why Do I Want to Date?

This might sound like a silly question to you. However, when you know why you want to date and what your expectations are, it is easy to spot those frogs that are not in your pond.

There are several reasons why you might want to date:

  • You want to find your soulmate – that person you can happily share the rest of your life with
  • You are curious about what different men are like …. Especially if you just left a long-term relationship
  • You are looking for a social life and are excited about learning and having different experiences
  • You do not want to be in a committed relationship, but to fulfill your needs you want a friend with benefits

It puts you in the drivers seat when you have clarity about why you are dating and what type of man you want to date. If you are like a lot of divorced women, you are probably waiting to be “chosen.” Remember those dances in junior high school, where there were a line of girls against the wall, hoping that the cute boy would ask them to dance? This is what it means to wait to be “chosen.” 

This is such a dangerous place to be!!!  This takes you out of your power. It limits the decisions and choices you make. 

I understand your frustrations, doubts and questions. I’ve been there!

I got a divorce after a 20-year mentally abusive marriage. Because of some of the things he said and did, I honestly believed that I I was the ugliest woman that ever lived. I believed that no sane man would ever want me and that I was doomed to live a life alone. Despite my fears, I came to the conclusion that being alone was far better than being lonely in a relationship.

I had very clear ideas about what I wanted and did not want in a relationship. I thought that it was a fantasy man and there was no way that he existed. In reality, the truth was that deep inside, I felt unworthy and undeserving of receiving the type of love I dreamed about.

I began dating because I was curious and wanted to know what different men were like (I had been with my ex since I was 16) and to have a little fun. I wanted to experience “dating” the way it was depicted on television and in books. I wanted to learn about this world we live in.

During this time I accidentally came across a surefire process of dating that was FUN, SAFE, and most of all HONORED my personal beliefs and values. This process is what led me to finding my soul mate, Mike. I want to share this process with you, because YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS AND LOVE!

I’m Ready to Start Dating ….

Where Do I Find Men to Date?

You might be thinking that all of the good men are taken. This simply is not true. There are men everywhere in this world!

You can still meet men the traditional ways – through work, church, organizations and friends.

You also can utilize today’s technology and meet men online.

Is the question really about where to meet men?  It could be that you are afraid to meet men, because you don’t want to wind up with a loser. It could be that you are shy or lack confidence and are not sure of how to approach a man, or even what type of conversations to have. You may be over-looking the perfect man for you, that is right in your backyard, simply because you are not ready to trust yourself or a man in the dating game yet.

You may have heard more horror stories about online dating than success stories. There are several things that you can do to prevent yourself from experiencing similar disastrous dates. I learned real quick how to spot these potential losers. And, I actually met my current husband online in 1997 – Before online dating was cool! 

You know that you can meet men.  I would like to show you how you can connect with them, and how to put yourself in the position of choosing, rather than waiting around to be picked. When You Start Dating Smart When Divorced, you will be putting yourself in the position to have fun and more importantly to be safe! If you are looking for your soulmate, dating smart enables you to trust yourself enough to know who he is (and who he is not.)

I Have So Many Questions!

“How do I spot a good man?”
“What should I wear on my first date?”
“How much should I tell him about my divorce?”
“Should I let him pick me up at my house?”
“Where and when should the date be?”
“What if he reminds me of my ex husband – or is worse?”
“What if he is just plain crazy?”
“What if he is judgmental?”
“What do I talk about on the first date?”
“What if he’s lying about himself?”
“How do I get out of the date respectfully if I am not having fun?” 
“What if I’m not good enough for a good man?”

“What if I don’t like him?”
“What if he doesn’t like me?”

There are so many “what ifs” and “how do I’s” that your head could spin right off!

I’d bet that you want to experience fun, happy dates without all these questions.

Whatever your reason for dating is, it’s important to know what you want and do not want, both in a date and in a relationship – even if you are just looking for a friend with benefits. 

Are You Ready to Start Dating Smart?


Would You Like To …

Know how to set boundaries that honor your values and beliefs, as well as how to enforce them


Be able to prevent the narcissists, sociopaths and jerks from being on your radar


Discover the  do’s and do not’s of online dating


Know how to stay safe, and hit the road fast when he displays any of your personal red flags


Be able to stay calm, cool , collect and in in control before, during and after your date


Know exactly what you want and do not want and BELIEVE that you are worthy and deserving of having what you desire

What you will get with the 

Dating Smart When Divorced Program:

Module 1:
Your Dating Mindset


* Discover your inner desires

* The REAL reason you want to date

* What you DO and DO NOT want

* Create clarity about your ideal man

* Know what your deal breakers are

Module 2:
Preparing to Date


* De-Stress and lose the pre-date jitters

* 10 tips for an amazing first date

* Establish safe and practical dating rules

* Discover 30 Amazing conversations for the first date

Module 3:
Setting Boundaries


* What a boundary is and is not

* Your MOST important boundaries

* Different types of boundaries

* Effectively create boundaries

* EASILY enforce your boundaries

Module 4:
Online Dating


* How to Stay SAFE Online

* DOs of writing a compelling profile

* Read between the lines of a profile

* RED FLAGS to beware of

* Meeting for the first time

Here’s Everything You Get With the Dating Smart When Divorced Program:

YOU Will be in the drivers seat of your dating life and will be the chooser, rather than the chosen

CONFIDENCE in yourself, knowing that you deserve to be loved and accepted just as you are


PEACE OF MIND, knowing that you’ll be able to identify undesirable traits in as little as one date


BEING SAFE, as you’ll discover the BEST safety tips regarding online dating (or even regular dating!)




Four MP3s that you can listen to over and over again to gain confidence and clarity about your dating life


Self-discovery sheets, for you to complete as many times as you want, as you continue to iron out what you do and do not want in a dating partner, friend or future mate

PLUS You Will Receive the Following Bonuses Valued at Over $250!

There are no refunds on this product as it is all downloadable.

Hi, I am Cindy Holbrook, the Compassionate Divorce Coach. I have been coaching women that are in the process of divorce or already divorced for over 20 years. I guide them to get back in touch with their inner dreams and desires as they move forward with Confidence, Courage and Clarity in order to navigate their future as a single woman. I offer tips and techniques that reduces the pain and time required to recover from divorce and let go and move on, as well as safe and practical tips on getting back into the dating world and finding your ideal soul-mate. I myself was divorced after a 20 year emotionally abusive  marriage.  I hold degrees in psychology and sociology and am a graduate of the Certified Divorce Coaching Program. I am a speaker and author of forthcoming book, Live Fully, Love Fully: How I became free of my abusive past.